Författare till tio läroböcker och 339 artiklar i Web of Science, H-index 50. Utsågs 2010 till Member to the Order of Canada av Governor General of Canada.


2020-12-17 · From the new page of results, scroll down the page and click on the Create Citation Report link to produce an h-index score based on all the items in the marked list: 6. For more help, access a video tutorial on Citation Reports by the Web of Science Training channel, which includes instructions on generating an h-index: https://youtu.be

Hirsch has written about how  25 Feb 2021 So because Web of Science indexes data different from Google Scholar they are always going to be different numbers. An Index to Quantify an  12 Sep 2017 Now you will see the h-index at the top of the page along with other metrics. screenshot of citation analysis numbers in Web of Science. *Note: If  The list consist of the most highly cited researchers (h-index => 100) according to their 105, Russel J Reiter, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 192, 161128 1235, Alex Smola, Amazon Web Services, 131, 1 20 Oct 2018 Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar are the most widely used citation databases. Access to the Web of Science and Scopus is by  4 Nov 2019 Publishing a lot of highly cited articles will increase your h-index. also use any other service that tracks citations, such as Web of Science.

H-index web of science

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2007-11-28 · This paper compares the h-indices of a list of highly-cited Israeli researchers based on citations counts retrieved from the Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar respectively. In several case the results obtained through Google Scholar are considerably different from the results based on the Web of Science and Scopus. Data cleansing is discussed extensively. Web of Science and Google Scholar are both capable of tracking citations, and therefore can be used to calculate a researcher's h-index Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), portail d'accès aux bases Web of Science Core Collection, Medline, Derwent innovations Index (brevets), aux outils de gestion bibliométrique Journal Citation Reports (JCR) et Essential Science Indicators, ou H-index tends to work best for the STEM fields, and much less so for the social sciences and humanities (see Altmetrics). Considered a slow metric. H-index depends on citations to an author's works, which can take years. Newer authors who lack a large, historical oeuvre of works from which to calculate an h-index do not benefit from it as a metric.

Concept relations for ISO  Separat bör nämnas den ryska Science Citation Index-databasen på Web of Science-plattformen.

Innehåll: Referenser till artiklar i svenska tidskrifter, dagstidningar och årsböcker. Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI): se Web of Science 

To get an h-index from Google Scholar, go to “My Citations” at the top of the Scholar homepage. Once you’ve collected your publications in your profile, you can calculate your number.

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H-index web of science

Exploring the relation between referencing practices and citation impact: A large‐scale study based on Web of Science data. P Ahlgren, C Colliander,  in international journals and serials processed for the Web of Science versions of the Science Citation Index and associated citation indices: the Science. Subject Area, Categories, Scope, Plant Science (Q4). h-index, 13. Overall Rank/Ranking, 27503. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), 0.11.

H-index web of science

For citation analysis, Scopus offers about 20% more coverage than Web of Science  Она включает в себя индекс цитирования (Citation Index), разработанный Ю. Гарфилдом. Web of Science самая авторитетная в мире аналитическая и  Objective: We investigated the inter-rater reliability of Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus when calculating the h-index of 25 senior scientists in the Clinical  ГЛАВНАЯ · WOS и ResearcherID · РИНЦ и Science Index · Scopus · ORCID · Mendeley · Google Web of Science (WoS) — это мультидисциплинарная платформа, помогающая быстро Ядром платформы являет 1 Oct 2020 The h-index is located in the Citation Reports, under h-index. The h-index below indicates that the articles listed in these results have at least  In the Web of Science you can search all versions of the author's name which are in use. van der avoird. Click on search. The results appear. Using Refine Results   29 May 2020 Web of Science - multi-disciplinary citation database of peer-reviewed literature with tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
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SEB är en bank som hjälper både individer och företag att utvecklas framgångsrikt genom god rådgivning och långsiktiga relationer. What is the h-index? "An index that quantifies both the actual scientific productivity and the apparent scientific impact of a scientist." eg. An h-index of 25 means the researcher has 25 papers, each of which has been cited 25+ times.

What is the h-index? "An index that quantifies both the actual scientific productivity and the apparent scientific impact of a scientist." eg.
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H-Index Web of Science Find your h-index in Web of Science 1. Go to the Web of Science at wok.mimas.ac.uk and click to gain access: 2. Select Author Search from the search options above the search box. 3. You can search by name or by Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID, although the h-index will be calculated using only records in the Web of

11 Dec 2020 Ability to create citation report which has a breakdown of times cited by year, h- index, average citation per year, and sum of non-self citations for  12 Nov 2020 For a more detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the ISI Thomson Web of Science in comparison to alternatives such as  18 Jun 2020 This index is used in databases such as the Web of Science, SCOPUS and Google Scholar, to measure impact. Hirsch has written about how  25 Feb 2021 So because Web of Science indexes data different from Google Scholar they are always going to be different numbers.

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6 Aug 2020 This calculation only includes items in the Web of Science database - books and articles in non-covered journals are not included. J. E. Hirsch. " 

Learn how to find your H-index in the new design. Copyright: UTSFollow us on social media:Facebook: facebook.com/ut 2021-03-20 Luckily, there are services like Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar that can do the heavy lifting and automatically provide the citation count data and calculate the h-index.. Why it is important for your career to know about the h-index. The h-index is not something that needs to be calculated on a daily basis, but it's good to know where you are for several reasons. 2021-04-09 Web of Science | Clarivate Analytics. Search for researchers in Web of Science.

Remember to state how you have calculated it, where you got the h-index from ( i.e. Scopus or Web of Science). Mini guide. 1.

SciFinder, PsychINFO, Google Scholar). The index is based on a list of publications ranked in descending order by … 2014-02-21 The higher the h-index, the greater a scientist’s academic footprint. In what ways does the h-index matter? Jorge Hirsch, a physicist, created this index in 2005.

5. Tick the checkboxes next to any sets that include your publications and then click on View Records at the top of the list. 6. Read our guide How to use Web of Science to calculate your h-index for further instructions.